Shower for Two Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Stranger Fantasy
Erotic Story

Shower for Two

This erotic audio story explores a shower sex fantasy with a stranger in public, with the thrill of someone walking in on you at any time. This is part 2 of a sexy story taking place in your gym’s wellness center.Now that you’re out of the sauna, you have decided you aren’t done with the sexy stranger just yet. You suggest the two of you take a shower after getting so hot and sweaty.

The smell of eucalyptus and peppermint fills the room. Steam envelopes us like a warm embrace and my mind is racing with thoughts of what I want to do to you. We’re completely alone in the wellness center.The sauna, showers, and locker room are ours and ours alone.I still can’t believe my luck. When my eyes first met yours across the gym, I wanted you instantly. You and only you. I had to have you.And then, to my surprise, you made it clear that you felt the same way.Now that we’re out of the sauna, my body has decided that it isn’t done with you yet. My cock is rock hard once again and nothing will satisfy it but you. You say you should shower after getting so hot and sweaty with me. A quick glance over your shoulder confirms that we’re still the only ones in the wellness center. We’re completely alone and we can do whatever we want. I take your hand in mine and pull you across the wet tile towards the showers. Your body is gorgeous and I can’t keep my eyes off of it. My desire lights up inside of me once again like a flame to a fuse and I want you so bad it’s starting to hurt. I lead you into a single shower stall and pull the thin curtain around us. But what if we get caught, you wonder aloud, your voice high and breathy. Based on how shaky your breath is and the way you place your hands up against my chest, I think you like the idea of getting caught. In fact, I think it makes you extremely horny. I press my back up against the cool tile wall and you reach around me to turn the water on.

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