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Erotic Story

Hot Sauna

In this erotic audiostory, you‘ve decided to go to the gym. You notice a sexy stranger who’s clearly flirting with you while you work up a really good sweat. Afterwards, you decide to go to the sauna. Wearing nothing but a white towel that just barely covers your breasts and your hips, you step inside. That’s when you realize the sexy stranger is in the sauna as well. Your eyes meet and it’s as if magnetism is drawing you together. This story contains erotic ASMRsound effects.

The gym offers me a blast of cold air as soon as I step inside. It’s a welcome reprieve from the heat. Not many people work out here during the summer. *distant fitness center background ambience* Most are out on the beaches, in the parks, or staying cool in their homes. I’m feeling a little restless, like I have some energy to burn. The fitness studio is a little stuffy as I make my way inside. I climb on the treadmill, throw a towel over my shoulder, and start jogging. *treadmill stepping/running sound effect* And that’s when I catch your gaze. You’re across the room working your delicious biceps with free weights. I can’t be certain, but I think you’re staring at me through the reflection of the wall-length mirror. I let my eyes linger around your hips, your breasts, your ass. All so perfectly shaped. You glance at me again. I’m certain now. You’re staring right at me. My cock twitches in anticipation, but I continue on with my workout. I make my rounds around the gym, never letting our gazes fall away from one another more than a few minutes at a time. I want you to know that I’m looking at you just as much as you’re looking at me. I step down from the treadmill and continue my workout routine. *Sound of treadmill fades out, footsteps and some metal sounds of weights being put on a fitness machine* After a few sets of weights and a couple of rounds of pullups, my muscles start to ache. I decide it’s time to call it quits and head to the sauna. I give you one last glance over my shoulder before I disappear into the wellness center. I realize I’m the only one here as I take off my clothes and pile them into my locker. *ambience sound of a sauna* It’s extremely relaxing when you can be in there alone. And right now, there’s no one but me soaking in the waves of lavender steam. Alone and nude, thinking of you. I shut my eyes and lean my head back. My mind automatically floats towards you and your body. Your gaze. What were you thinking about me? Do you want me as bad as I find myself wanting you?

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