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Erotic Story

Sensual Surprise

You may not be the biggest fan of surprises, but you're going to love this one. In this erotic audio story, your lover surprises you with a clean house, champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a bubble bath for two. Indulge in the sweet romance of this special surprise in this sensual LGBTQ+ story.

I know you aren’t the biggest fan of surprises...but I think you’re really going to love what I have planned tonight. When was the last time we did something special? Your birthday last year? I can’t wait to see your face the minute you walk through the door. Although it’s a Friday night, I’ve messaged you to say I’ll be home late. Work drinks, I said. A complete and utter lie. I asked–nicely, of course–if you could clean up from the morning’s breakfast, and if you could maybe whip something up for dinner tonight. You begrudgingly said yes. You hate any sort of disruption to routine or sudden changes. And I’m always very mindful of that. Little do you know it’s quite the opposite to what you’re expecting…I look quickly at the clock and tidy up, knowing you’ll be home soon. I want to get ready and hide just inside the hallway so I can get a front-row seat to enjoy the look of surprise and delight on your face when you walk in. You come through the threshold and drop your purse on the kitchen island. For a moment you look deeply confused. I can almost see the thoughts racing around in your mind: Where are the dirty dishes? Why does the kitchen look so spotless? What’s that sweet, luxurious smell? You look in the little shell-shaped dish on the counter where we normally keep our keys, but my keys aren’t inside. And my jacket isn’t on the hook. The apartment is completely still. You look incredibly confused as you run your hands through your hair and sigh. Right after you wash your hands and just before you open the fridge to start dinner, I creep slowly into the kitchen from the hallway. “There you are, my love!”

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