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Erotic Story

A Hot Gift

Sex toys are a girl's best friend in this steamy lesbian erotic audio story. After decorating for the big birthday party and a few hours to spare, this sweet couple indulge in a pre-party celebration involving a sex toy, lots of lube, and plenty of orgasms.

“Alright, that’s enough decorating for now. We’ve got a few more hours before people start showing up. And I think it’s time I gave you your birthday present.” I love how excited you get for your birthday each year. A lot of people don’t pay much mind to turning another year older, but you love the pomp and circumstance of it all. Tonight is going to be great...mostly because you’ve planned every detail out. You’re so into hosting events and having people over. You basically planned your own birthday party. I love that about you. You look so good tonight in that dress. You always look good, but I can see the outline of your breasts through your dress and it’s been driving me wild. I reach for your hand and take a moment to enjoy the gentle touch as I lead you to our bedroom. There in the center of the bed sits a rectangular box wrapped in black paper with a white bow. You dart over to it and begin to unwrap it. I can’t suppress the hungry grin spreading across my face. It’s kind of a gift for both of us. It’s not just any dildo…it’s a strapless strap-on, meaning we don’t have to mess with annoying harnesses anymore.

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