The Pool Boy Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Mature Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Pool Boy

In this audio sex story we explore the fantasy of you having sex with your stranger pool boy. Dive into this dominant female (femdom) scenario and find out if this fantasy is for you. For the best experience, please use headphones.

The heat is oppressive today. Lucky for you, you’re the proud owner of a luxurious saltwater pool. Overlooking the valley of trees and greenery below your home. Every Saturday your sexy pool boy comes to clean your pool. And every time the scene is exactly the same: You float around on an inflatable mattress, with a cool cocktail or a glass of crisp white wine in your hand. It’s obvious that he is attracted to you. He watches you float aimlessly in the water as he sets about his work. Your eyes are concealed behind dark sunglasses. Droplets of water stick to the soft curves of your body. Your bikini is just barely concealing the swell of your flawless hips, and your round, sumptuous breasts. Your long fingers frame your cold beverage with immense class. You are absolutely smoking hot. You drive him crazy and it’s time you take this situation to the next level …

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