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Erotic Story

Mountaintop Adventure

In this audio sex story, you explore a sexy outdoor hiking sex scenario. You’re on a hike with your partner. The rough terrain has been a challenge. Both of you are exhausted. Your muscles ache. But you have been fantasizing about having sex in the outdoors since forever! Sex out on a trail, in public, with the chance of being caught at any time. You suggest to rest, but that look in your eyes speaks of anything but rest … We use erotic ASMR sound effects in this episode.

The top is in sight.Sweat covers my brow as I clamber up.Your unsteady steps sounding behind me.The rough terrain has been a challenge.Both of us exhausted.Our muscles ache.Yet we also want to see that magnificent view.As I reach the summit, a cool breeze whips at my face.I gasp both in shock and from exhaustion.The weather has been so unpredictable today.Satisfied at finally reaching the top, I turn to look at you.Your face is as stunning as the mountaintop views.I beckon you over to join me.My hand extended towards you to help you over that last steep incline.The two of us standing side by side to enjoy the fruits of our labour.Dappled clouds allow shafts of sunlight through to light up the rolling hills below.In the distance smoke from a chimney catches on the breeze.The fern trees surrounding the cottage swaying as the wind picks up.

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