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Being separated is so difficult - but that feeling of being reunited makes all those lonely nights seem worth it. Reunite with your long-distance lover in this intimate erotic audio story full of passion, romance, and heart-felt moments. Show him how much you've missed him with spontaneous, can't-keep-our-hands-off-each-other sex in this erotic audio story.

It’s been such a long week. Monday feels like it was forever ago. While I’m glad for the work-week to be over, I can’t say I’m excited to be spending yet another weekend by myself. Being another continent away from my husband is so difficult sometimes. It’s been six months since he went away with his team of international paramedics. And he’ll be gone for another three. Sometimes I feel selfish wanting him all to myself, especially because he’s out there literally saving lives, but… I can’t help it. I just really, really miss him. We’ve been married for nearly eight years, so I know our relationship is solid even when we’re apart. But it doesn’t make these lonely times any easier. I miss feeling his body next to me at night…hearing the sounds of him making coffee in the morning…I really took all of those small things for granted before he left. Oh, that’s… weird. My front door is unlocked. Shit. Did someone break in while I was at work? I push the door open and stand in the threshold, just taking a quick look around. Nothing seems out of place. And...I don’t hear anything, so… I don’t think anyone is here. I must have just forgotten to lock up this morning. Wait a second… Is that…? A giant bouquet of orchids is sitting on the dining room table. I make my way towards the table. I usually just eat at my home office desk or on the couch while watching a movie. There’s something kind of sad about eating alone at that big, beautiful antique table. What is going on here? I rack my brain, trying to think of who has a spare set of keys to my apartment...and then I see him.

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