Cozy by the Fireplace Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Romantic Fantasy
Erotic Story

Cozy by the Fireplace

This erotic audio story is taking place as snow is trickling down slowly outside your window. You and your partner lie on a wool rug in front of the fire place. Nothing to do, except to be together. Indulge in this romantic sex by the fireplace fantasy.

Snow is trickling down slowly outside our window. Finally, you and I have an evening to ourselves. No work. No family. Nothing to do, except to be together. Our cozy home is filled with the scent of everything we love about winter: woodland pine and spruce mixed together with the spices of mulled wine boiling on the stove. You've left me in charge of the fire while you tend to the spiced drink in the kitchen. And from here, as I kneel on the wool rug and tend to the fire, I can smell the cloves and star anise drifting through the air. I can't wait to just hold you in my arms and settle in for the night. You're standing near the stove looking incredibly cute; a wooden spoon in your hand… as your shoulders, torso, and hips bounce gently to the music. As soon as I'm done kindling the flames, I make my way to the kitchen. I approach you with quiet steps, just admiring the outline of your body and entertaining the idea of how we might pass the time this evening. I stand behind you for a moment before I press my warm body against you. I bury my face in your silky hair, inhaling the unmistakable scent of you. You're dressed in an oversized polo-neck jumper; the snowy white of the sweater offsetting your sparkling eyes as it hangs just above your knees, exposing your bare legs. As I close my eyes, I hike the jumper up a little. I let my fingers trail down from the sides of your bare hips, not too fast, nor too slow. I curl my hand around the soft flesh of your outer thighs and squeeze gently. I massage the area where your hips meet your ass and trail soft touches down your smooth skin. You push your buttocks against me as if to let me know you've still got a little bit of cooking to do… And so I leave your legs and bring my fingers to the fabric against your neck which I push downward in order to kiss your soft flesh made moist by the warmth of the kitchen and the wool and the steam from the fragrant pot. I am sucking and kissing on you, leaving small red love bites against your flesh.

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