The Changing Room Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Public Sex Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Changing Room

This erotic audio story is based on a user fantasy of having sex in the changing room. You escape from the crowded mall into this quiet boutique which is nearly empty, save for the lone cashier. Your companion gets to watch you get in and out of dresses and see your body transform with every iteration - truly a sight to behold. Indulge in this sex in public fantasy with us!

The mall is busy for a weekday. Throngs of people meander around us as we make our way through the crowded upper floor. I generally hate crowds, and I usually hate shopping, especially in packed shopping centres. The only thing that makes this experience bearable is that I’m hanging out with you. My fuse for clothes shopping is typically quite short, but today I’m finding a stamina for this activity that I didn’t know I had. We have an important job at hand: buying you the perfect dress for one of your closest friend’s wedding. You know that walking around the mall isn’t really my thing. But watching you try on clothes… well, that’s a whole different story. Thankfully, this quiet boutique we escape into is nearly empty, save for the lone cashier. I’m starting to feel a little bit of… let’s not call it boredom… but… deja vous as we get set up for this next bout of fashion parading. Thankfully, it’s calming, even tranquil, in this high-end dress shop. I glance around at the rows of cocktail dresses and gowns as we walk through the display racks. I’m only starting to wonder now, if this will actually end with you finding a dress that you like. Honestly, I’ve loved them all. To watch you get in and out of dresses and see your body transform with every iteration has truly been a sight to behold. I get to admire your shapes and lines with such focus that… Well… you just really turn me on. Perhaps the reason I’m enjoying this shopping expedition so much is that my sense of arousal has been bubbling away the whole time. You ask me what I think about a low-cut, strapless black gown. As soon as I see you hold it up to your body and fling yourself around to look at me with a stunningly sexy stare, I feel my cock jitter with excitement. Part of the joy for me is that every time you slip a new garment on over your body, I imagine slowly slipping it off you again.

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