Wild Card Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Anal Fantasy
Erotic Story

Wild Card

In this audio porn story, big wins at a casino leads to a wet and wild one night stand between strangers. The buzz of alcohol and the high of winning takes these two strangers to new unimaginable heights and it’s not long before they are itching to celebrate in a hotel room upstairs. Get lost in this 21-minute anal sex fantasy.

The casino is illuminated in pure white light as we pass through its stone archways and up the sloped path towards its grand entrance. We step into the marbled lobby and head towards the bar for a few drinks. All around us there are people immaculately dressed. Men in tailored suits, women in elegant, form-fitting dresses. Waiters in designer tuxedos slip through the crowds with trays of champagne that probably cost more than my monthly rent.There are so many games to choose from and I feel slightly out of my depth. Maybe I should stick to the penny slots. Just when I think it’s all too much to comprehend, I spot you sitting at a Blackjack table surrounded by a group of men. Something tells me this might be a good place to start. I take it as a good sign that there’s an empty seat right next to you. I wait a few minutes for the current hand to finish, sneaking glances at you the entire time...

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