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Erotic Story

The Interview

In this erotic audio story, a well-known author who has just written a book at the end of a long day of interviews. Imagine his surprise when you, his long-time friend, arrives at his door. He congratulates you on your dream job of being a reporter and you get down to business. Conversation about the erotic aspects of his new book leads to a spontaneous hookup in this friends-to-lovers sex story.

People think writing a book is hard, but it’s really launching (and promoting) the book that’s the hardest. I’ve been taking phone interviews all day long with various literary blogs, podcast hosts, and I’ve even done a few Instagram live chats. Just one more interview and then I’ll finally be finished for the day. I hope it’s someone who’s actually read my work. I can always tell when they’ve just skimmed the first couple of chapters. This last interview is in person, which I’m actually kind of glad for. Oh, and there you are. Let’s get this over with. “Hi there… oh my god! Hey! Wait… are you interviewing me today?” “No way. Good for you! Come in, come in. We can, uh, just head over to my office over here.” You settle on the old antique couch pressed up against the wall of my office. I lose myself for a moment, just looking at you. We’ve run in the same literary circles for years now. We’ve always gotten along really well. To be honest, I couldn’t ask for a better interviewer. You lean forward slightly and rest your chin on your fist as you scribble down a couple of things on your notepad. I’ve always found your intelligence to be so engaging. You’re curious about the world and it shows in the way you hold yourself. Interviews usually make me fidgety and nervous, but I feel so calm with you right now. What is it about you that makes me so comfortable?

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