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Erotic Story

Spanked By Sir

In this audio porn story, Melissa vies for her boyfriend’s attention while he’s getting some work done in his home office. With a month off from her job as a university professor, Marissa is desperate to get some playtime with her Sir. Indulge in this sweet Dominance and submission audio sex story now.

This story was written by the British Indian erotica author The Secret Submissive. I make the final edits to the article I have been working on all week and scan it for the millionth time. It’s a great piece and I’m confident the client will like it, but we’ll see what my editor has to say. This week has been absolutely hectic, but that’s the life of a freelance writer, I guess. Some weeks are quiet and other weeks the projects flood in. You are always very understanding of my crazy work hours, but I still don’t feel any less guilty for neglecting you all week. I know it’s not the sexy, romantic start to the half-term break that you had hoped for when I asked you to stay for the school holiday. And you’ve been so good to me, making sure I take breaks throughout the day and leaving the bedroom light on for me at night. I glance over the laptop screen as you slink past my office. You allow me a quick flash of your thigh as you head into the living room. Working from home is so difficult when you’re around. You’re always testing my resolve with your incredible curves And when you flash me that sweet little smile, I can’t focus on anything else. Today, you’ve made it nearly impossible to get anything done...

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