The Ranch Hand I Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Stranger Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Ranch Hand I

In this audio sex story, Rob, a down-to-earth guy who spends his days doing hard labor at the Agua Verde Ranch, is driving along a deserted stretch of Route 59 when he comes across a young woman whose car has broken down. Sofia, a university-educated woman who is passing through town on her way to California, has already called a tow-truck to come and pick her up. All she needs now is someone to help her pass the time. Discover the immediate tension between these two unlikely lovers in this new stranger sex story.

There’s nothing better than a nice long drive as the sun goes down. Highway 59 rushes by me.There are fifteen miles of dust and desert and dark between me and home. I roll the windows down and hang my arm out so it taps against the truck door. I‘m rounding a bend when I see you in the flash of my headlights. You’re sitting on the hood of your little gray Sedan, your headlights pointing into the empty fields. Looks like you might need some help. You’re fiddlin’ with the hem of your shirt, pinching the fabric between your fingers, looking real frustrated. You look up without a trace of fear or startle, though your features are difficult to read in the shadows. Your bare feet dangle in front of the headlights, making the darkness dance on your command. You jump off the hood of your car and slide your feet into a pair of sandals lying beneath the bumper. The light clings to your body as you approach my truck. It wraps around your legs, sliding across your abdomen, and spills across your breasts. In the lowlight of the sunset, your eyes are like fire. It’s easy to see that you were not meant for a slow life like the one I lead out here in the desert of New Mexico. Your body demands more.

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