Pillow Talk with Alice Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Anal Fantasy
Dirty Talk

Pillow Talk with Alice

Join fan-favorite narrator Alice in an intimate anal play fantasy after an evening where you drunkely confessed your naughtiest desires to her. In this one-on-one audio sex story, she talks you through what she plans to do with you, and then makes your dreams come true.

Wow...last night was so fun. The cocktails, the food, the company...what a fun game night with the neighbors. Ever since we moved to this neighborhood four years ago, we’ve taken part in a weekly game night with our neighbors. Last night was our turn to host - and you really outdid yourself on the decorations, the food, and of course, your famous mimosas with a touch of grenadine. I blink my eyes a few times and let my vision adjust. You’re already awake, scrolling through social media on your phone. You slide your arm around me and plant a kiss on my forehead as you say good morning. I settle into your arms, closing my eyes for a moment and soaking in the warmth of your body. I listen to your heartbeat and smile...I trail my fingers along your chest and down your stomach...and gently rubbing your morning erection through your boxers. Suddenly, I remember - last night, after our company had departed, things got a little...wild...between us. We were so hot and heavy, we knocked over the lamp in the hallway in a frenzy to get each other naked once we were alone. I love that after so long together, you still can’t wait to touch me. There’s something else I remember about last night...you confessed something to me...a secret fantasy you’d been harboring…an anal play fantasy.

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