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The Nanny

In this erotic audio story, the nanny, Simone, takes things to a new level with her boss Elijah, a husband in an open relationship with his wife who is currently away on business. Simone knows the ins and outs of their lives and has been there to assist them in anything they need (from childcare to grocery shopping and walking their dog) for three years. While staying late one night to clean up, she accidentally walks in on Elijah masturbating. Things heat up quickly between the two in this oral sex story.

Ever since I moved to New York, I’ve been working as a nanny for this upper-class family. I love my job. Most of my friends find it hard to believe I make such a solid income as a glorified babysitter. Sometimes I find it hard to believe, too. It’s pretty amazing that I get to spend so much time at this gorgeous penthouse suite on the Upper East Side. Every day, after I pick up the two Sumner children from school, a friendly doorman greets us as we walk across the lobby’s beautiful black and white marble flooring. I’ve been to this apartment dozens of times, but I am still amazed by the expansive apartment and the miraculous view overlooking the streets of Manhattan. The Sumners are a flawless-looking couple who still seem to be really into each other after being married for so many years. They’re both really accomplished and to be honest...I find them both incredibly sexy.

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