A Lesson In Pleasure  Pt. II Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - LGBTQ+ Fantasy
Erotic Story

A Lesson In Pleasure Pt. II

Dominance, submission, sex toys, restraints...just another lazy morning in bed for these two love-birds. Waking up horny is one thing, but watching your partner please themselves and having to wait for permission to join in is a whole other game...and what a fun game it is. Join us for another lesson in pleasure in this sweet and kinky audio sex story.

Mmm, what time is it? I guess it’s early. I lean over and kiss you gently. What could have been a quick good morning kiss quickly turns into a long, sensual embrace. Your body feels so good against mine.I hold my arms out and you place yourself in them, nestling your mouth in the crook of my neck. I’m naked and the fabric of your briefs rubbing up against my thighs…my hips…my waist...it just feels good to have you so close to me. I tilt my head down and capture your lips once again, this time pushing my tongue inside of your mouth. I’m not often horny in the morning, but it’s the weekend and you and I’ve got nowhere to be, so I lean into it. You and I have been super sexual with each other since you introduced me to a new fantasy of yours a couple of weeks ago. Apparently you had been too embarrassed to reveal to me how badly you wanted to be dominated, but once you admitted it…well, that’s when we really started to have fun. I might be the one who woke up horny, but you’re clearly enjoying this, too. I think I have an idea for something fun we could do this morning…

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