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Erotic Story

Hot for Teacher

In this aaudio porn story, you prepare for your weekly meeting with your professor. As his TA, you're used to assisting him with anything he needs...this week, however, your plan is to please him in a different way. Seducing your professor and unleashing his dominant side proves easier than you thought in this BDSM teacher/student hookup story.

Three hundred and forty-seven new emails…How is that even possible…? Gotta grade these quizzes…Prepare my lecture for tomorrow…Oh, that’s right. I completely forgot I was meeting with my teaching assistant. I pull my eyes away from my computer monitor and lean back in my chair. For a moment, I can’t even remember what our meeting is supposed to be about. I love my job as a professor, but damn it keeps me busy. You flash a smile up at me and I find myself finally relaxing a little. I have no idea where I’d be without you. You’ve really been a godsend during this first week of classes. You’re consistently prepared with the day’s lecture notes. You have no problem meeting with the students when I’m unavailable, and you’re a master at getting the ancient tech to work in the lecture hall. You re-adjust the hem of your skirt and my eyes drift down to your visible thighs for just a moment. I quickly look back up into your eyes. I’ve been so busy this first week of classes that… I hadn’t really noticed how attractive you are. But of course that’s a totally inappropriate thought for me to have, considering you technically work for me. You’re a student. And I’m a professor. It's just not a good idea to let my mind go there. You reach down to pull a black leather notebook out of your purse. As you lean down, the low-cut neck of your shirt dips to the side and I get a clear look at your cleavage. It occurs to me that you’re usually dressed much more conservatively for class. The skirt and low-cut shirt you’re wearing now look fantastic on you. And they’re revealing parts of your body I’ve never seen. I feel a sudden urge to touch you that I’ve never felt before.

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