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Holi Heat

In this audio sex story, a mischievous couple gets carried away in the excitement of Holi celebrations after weeks of being apart. The tender reunion kiss they share turns into a desire neither of them can deny, and they sneak off to a secluded garden to celebrate their love for each other. Passions burn hot in this Hindi audio story and the sparks fly between the couple as they celebrate their love for each other in a romantic garden paradise. Indulge in this sexy intimate audio story in Hindi and feel the Holi heat.

This story is written by the British Indian erotica author The Secret Submissive. The street is already awash with lust and laughter. Everyone is cheering and celebrating and dancing, without a care in the world. The entire town has gathered in the square and the atmosphere is just electric. The shops are closed and everything looks so different. Swathes of brightly coloured bunting and endless garlands of flowers hang from the pillars, above me. A myriad of rainbow clouds bloom across the sky as I push my way through the swelling crowd, eager to find you. I know you’ll be at the front with our friends, across from where the puja has started, in your favourite spot. I can’t wait to see you. It’s been three, painful, weeks since I last held you in my arms. Working away has been so hard on us both, I know. I know that Holi has always been your favourite festival and I can’t wait to see your beautiful face light up when I surprise you with my visit. I’m desperate to feel your tender lips against mine, once again.

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