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Erotic Story

Food Play

In this audio porn story, Susan portrays a talented chef who decides to celebrate her wedding anniversary to husband Samir in an interesting way...with food play. She has him strip down, climb onto the table and then she proceeds to drizzle champagne, honey, and whipped cream all over him. Enjoy this 17 minute wet and messy fetish audio story with Samir and Fern.

Mmm, I love the smell of fresh saffron. It’s so expensive, but damn, it always elevates a meal. I sprinkle a few of the red strands over the fermented cherry filling in my puff pastry and fold it over a few times. Finally, I drizzle almond oil over the entire thing and slip it into the hot oven. I check my wristwatch to see how much time I have left. Samir should be home any minute now. I can’t believe it’s our eighth anniversary already. I wish I could go back in time and relive that magical day we got married beneath the massive trees in the Redwood National Park. Samir isn’t crazy about going out during the week since he has to get up so early for his job at Garza Middle School every day. Instead of the usual fancy dinner date for our anniversary, I thought I’d cook up a little something for us at home and we’d have a nice, quiet night in. Samir is in for a little surprise when he gets home, though. I wonder if he’ll notice I haven’t laid any plates out on our dining table...

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