Edging You On Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Lesbian Fantasy
Erotic Story

Edging You On

Edging your lover until they are begging for your mercy, for you to allow them the priveledge of joining you in climax can be oh, so, sweet. Test your lover's strength and have fun toying with them in this sexy orgasm control episode.

The cuffs are snug around my wrists. Tight, but not too tight. You’ve got me spread-eagle on the bed...my wrists cuffed up above me….and my ankles locked to each bedpost. I am completely and utterly helpless. But there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than tied up and at your mercy. There is a light summer breeze blowing in from the window. And the afternoon light is bouncing off of my body. The thought of being helpless to you is so fucking exciting. You straddle me, looking down and admiring your handiwork. You grin and I can’t help but smile back. Your lips are so sexy…and that smile...it’s playful and a little mischievous. You lean down and kiss me. Fuck, I love kissing you. I sink my teeth into your plump lips. I feel my heart racing in anticipation of what’s to come...being tied up for you is so much fun. You suddenly pull away. I want to feel your touch so badly. Having you in control of what I feel and when is making me so desperate and wet...

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