The Coven Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Mythical Creatures Fantasy

The Goddess of Light decides who joins you and your sisters in the Coven...and tonight, the ritual is being performed by one of your new recruits - someone you just can't stop thinking about. The pleasure that unfolds in this lesbian witch story is oh, so hot!

The room is hot and the air is thick and humid. Outside, the city is starting to quiet down...but the soft sound of jazz from the bar next door still pours in through the open window. The room is mostly bare except for a few cushions and blankets scattered across the wooden floor and two lamps giving off a warm glow behind us. Incense smoke curls into the air, filling the room with a spicy, earthy smell and throwing dancing shadows against the walls. It’s just the three of us here, connecting body, mind, and soul. We’re sitting cross legged in a circle on the worn wood floor, our knees almost touching. Me, Sophia and… you. We’re all naked, as we must be to call upon the Goddess. We have to be vulnerable, honest, and open. I know you’re a little nervous about this ritual. I reach over and give your knee a light squeeze. This ritual is a rite of passage for all witches who wish to join our coven. Experienced members of the coven must be part of every entry ritual, to show the Goddess that we have tested you in all the Earthly ways and want you to join us. Together, the three of us will call upon the Goddess of Light.

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