The Best I Ever Had Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Sex with the ex Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Best I Ever Had

This audio porn story involves you texting an old flame to see if he would like to get together for a night of passion and pleasure. It's been years since you've last seen each other. You're not even sure he still lives in the city...all you know is he is the best you've ever had. He feels the same, and he jumps at the chance to spend the night with you. Is he still the best you'll ever have? Indulge in this dirty talk sex fantasy to find out.

Ok. This is interesting… You just texted me… asking if I’m in town, wondering if I’d like to meet up. You aren’t sure if I even live in the city anymore. I admittedly wonder what kind of meet up you would like this to be. A casual chit-chat to check in on our lives? Or something a little more… intimate? It’s been years since we’ve seen each other. It’s a shame because we worked so well together. You, the accomplished cognitive science researcher, and me, the gregarious theatre student with a tendency to flirt a lot. It’s unfortunate, but we kind of lost touch after graduation. God, I miss fucking you. This might sound harsh, but if this is just going to be a casual meetup, I’m not really interested. I don't want to know what you’re doing now, where you’ve been. Who you’ve been with. To be honest, I already know all of those things because I check up on you online ever so often. I can’t help myself. You’re like a drug to me. Every time I get a little bit of you, all I want is more. I think I’m going to make you wait a few minutes before responding to your text. I want to play hard to get. Oh my god… you are too much. Before I can even text you back, you suggest that we just meet up at a hotel room. This is what makes you so irresistible to me. You’re so hasty and blunt and chaotic. That’s what made the sex so good, too. A chaotic whirlwind of clothing and body parts and animalistic moans. A constant cacophony of fucking. Endless primitive lust. You used to like to surprise me in bed. Bring something new, teach me, explore me, fuck me in new ways. I haven’t had sex like that since we parted ways. No one has been able to make me feel as good as you do. I’m not entirely sure if you’re serious about the hotel thing, but I’m going to call your bluff. I text you back and ask you for an address. A few minutes pass by until my phone chimes in my hands. So, you ARE serious, then. My whole body prickles with desire at the thought of doing something so spontaneous. I get off at the next bus stop and start walking.

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