Backseat Confession Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Friends to Lovers Fantasy
Erotic Story

Backseat Confession

In this audio sex story, Emile and Natasha explore the unexpected feelings they realize they have for each other after a night out at a bar with some friends. While they have been good friends ever since meeting at a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago, they decide to share a cab home, and things quickly escalate when Natasha makes it clear that she thinks of him as more than just a friend. Experience the ultimate friends-to-lovers fantasy in this new sexy story.

It’s another Saturday night at our favorite wine bar uptown. Music plays from the ceiling-mounted speakers, but it’s too quiet to be heard over the chatter of the many drinkers filling each and every table. The four of us are cramped around a tiny four-top table in the back. We’re at least two bottles in and we’ve reached the part of the night when inhibitions have almost completely melted away. Our conversations are punctuated with long fits of laughter and raucous calls for more wine. You’ve just beat me in a rather heated game of quarters. You whirl around to face me as you gloat and accidentally knock your glass of Pinot Noir to the ground. We all share another laugh and I get up to order you another glass. You’re such a klutz An adorable klutz, though. As I return from the bar with two glasses in hand, I notice for the first time tonight just how nice you look. The way your blouse hugs the curves of your upper body… The spark of your eyes in the low light... You’re one of my best friends in the world. But, tonight I’m seeing you in a whole new light. You’re very attractive. Objectively, of course. We met at a mutual friend’s party a few years ago, when you first moved to the city. Our shared background in photojournalism was a nice surprise and seemed to always give us something to talk about whenever we ran into each other around town. It didn’t take us long to become good friends. Up until fairly recently, you and I were both in relationships. Now that we’re both single, I guess we’ve been spending more time together. Going to movies, grabbing coffee before work. Just casual hangouts. It’s nearly two in the morning and our friends begin to head home one by one. Eventually, you and I are the only ones left at the table. So we decide to call it a night. Since we live in the same neighborhood, it makes sense to split a cab.

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