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Dirty Talk

Pillow Talk with Noah

You and your lover like to have fun power plays during sex - and this time, the roles are reversed. Instead of dominating you, your Dom decides to submit to you for one evening (and one evening only) - and you know exactly what you want him to do.

“I want you...to dominate me…” I love watching the glimmer of shock in your eyes as you mull over my words for the second time. I know our bedroom roles usually have me in the dominant position...but tonight...I really want to know what it feels like to be completely yours. Your eyes trail down my body as I strip my clothes off slowly. You’re propped up on your pillow...your stare is lustful and mischievous, and the smirk on your face is so damn sexy. You’re going to love this game, aren’t you? All those times we enjoyed playful powerplays in bed…all those times I came out on top…I’m always the alpha, always the dominant. But now...sweetheart...it’s your turn.

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