Mr. Gin & Tonic Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Stranger Fantasy
Erotic Story

Mr. Gin & Tonic

In this audio sex story, you visit your new favorite bar for a drink and are happy to see the cute bartender that you've haven't been able to stop thinking about is working tonight. You act cool and confident, and are amused when he brings you over his famous "gin and tonic" drink on the house. Bold, confident, and knowing what you want, you ask Mr. Gin & Tonic if he's going to take you home tonight - and he does.

The Highball is just an old dive bar on the east side of town. Sure, we’ve got cheap drinks and a damn fine jukebox, but we don’t typically see more than a few regulars on a weeknight like this. I get a moment of quiet to myself as everyone’s attention turns to the jukebox.While I’ve got a minute, I think I’ll work on perfecting my Gin & Tonic recipe. People loved my last blood orange and basil concoction. Ah, damn. Guess I’ll save the recipe experiments ‘til after I serve the customer who just walked in. Oh… it’s you. You’re new, as of a few months ago. You make me question whether I am actually good at reading people or not. You come in here about once a week and… damn, if I can’t figure you out. But I’d really like to. A leather beret sits on your head, pulled down low so that your eyes are hard to see. You’re wearing a chic black dress with a leather handbag slung over your shoulder. There’s an edge about you. You look out of place, and yet… like you could take any of the rough and tough regulars sitting at the bar. Slowly, you make your way to the bar. You're wearing some bright red lipstick on those full lips. And you look so good. I’m not usually one to have troubles with the ladies. I know my strengths and how to use them - everyone loves the charming bartender. I’m good at talking to customers. I’m friendly, outgoing when I need to be...I think I’m a pretty charismatic guy. But with you… I feel weak. I feel a bit..nervous, maybe.

How spicy?


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