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Erotic Story

Good Pup

Bringing up your pup play kink with your lover was daunting, but you were so thrilled when they reacted positively and wanted to test it out with you. Now, all suited up in your leather pup hood and leash, your partner wants to play...and they have one more surprise waiting for you - if you're good.

It’s our first time trying out this new gear. My hands are cushioned in the padded paw gloves...the leather studded detail reflects the light onto the wall. You do that excited little jump and dance I love so much as you secure the final padded paw around my wrist. I’m in my underwear, knee pads, and a leather pup hood. You bought this for me. A present for being such a good boy. And I love it. You pick up my collar and leash off of the hook on the wall where we hang our keys. The latex corset I laced you into earlier pushes up your look so damn beautiful. I kneel at your feet, knees apart, paws on my thighs, staring up attentively. You hold the collar in between your fingers, the leash dangling to the floor.

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