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Erotic Story

Game Night II

You're captivated by the sparks you see between your boyfriend and your best friend, and you can't stop fantasizing about the last time you were together. Their hands all over you...their moans's time for another game night. Are you ready to play?

Simon should be here any moment now and we’re both feeling excited to see him. Lucien and I have both had our fair share of booty calls, but this time it’s… different. Simon is my best friend...and the last time we got together for our weekly game night, all three of us ended up in bed together. Mmm, that night has been replaying in my mind all was so fucking hot watching Simon and Lucien get lost in each other...and then to feel both of their hands all over me. Lucien and I could not stop talking about it after Simon left. It was one of the sexiest things we’ve ever done together...I mean, we’ve invited others into our bedroom before, but to cross that line with our was just so hot. So, we’ve invited Simon over for round two. Naturally, he was pretty excited we were interested in keeping this new game night tradition going...

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