Friends with Benefits Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Romantic Fantasy
Erotic Story

Friends with Benefits

In this audio sex story, an off-and-on relationship is on again when two old flames meet in a bar. He's bold and asks you directly if you'd like to go back to his place - and you can't think of a better way to spend your night.

I thought the new management would ruffle some feathers....but I really didn’t anticipate it being this bad. I look down at the whisky in my hand and swirl the glass absently. And Sophie…we had only been seeing each other a little while and quite honestly, I didn’t really see it going anywhere...but, she was a nice distraction at least. I definitely don’t expect to hear from her again now…not after the look she threw my way as she was walking out of the office with the others. Tomorrow I’ll have to start recruiting again…recruiting really can be a tricky business. Anyway, that’s tomorrow’s problem. Tonight, I drink. The bar is dimly lit, that’s probably why I chose it. It’s a perfect place to vanish for a little while. I could just go back to my apartment...but all that’s waiting for me is a half dead ficus and too much silence. I don’t really want to hear myself think right now. I catch the eye of the bartender and gesture for another drink. He brings it over and I take the last gulp from the one I’m still nursing. Oh, god. I know that voice. I turn slowly and…yep, there you are...leaning against the bar, smirking at me. You and I have always had this… thing between us. We tried dating once and it went horribly but we always had really, really good sex. And now we’re… I don’t know what we are. Friends with benefits, I guess. I take a moment to admire your body and the dark green dress you’re wearing. You always looked so good in green…you look good in everything… and nothing.

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