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Erotic Story

Female Dominance

This erotic audio story voyages into soft bondage and submission. Do you enjoy being a dominant woman in bed? Have you thought about blindfolding your partner and showing him his submissive side?

You have given your partner instructions to wait for you, naked and blindfolded, as you come home from work. The darkness is comforting. Some people are scared of it, but I enjoy it. It makes the rest of my senses amplify, like they’re all turned up to eleven. Smell. Hearing. Touch. Especially touch. The silk tie I’ve blindfolded myself with is your favorite one. Black with the faint red stripes. A faint draft of cold air flows in from our bedroom window and tickles my already hardened shaft. The black satin sheets beneath me are cool and soft against my backside. When will you be home? Come on, already. I can’t wait any longer! I’ve been unbearably horny since receiving your text message this afternoon demanding that I be naked and blindfolded when you get home from work this evening. God, I nearly came then and there when I got that text. We haven’t explored my submissive side much, but it’s something I’ve been dying to do. I hear the front door crack open. Is that...? Yes, that must be you. Your heels clap loudly against the hardwood floor, getting closer and closer every second. Will you be pleased by the sight of me? I hope I’ve followed your instructions to your liking. The sound of your heels is so close. You must be in the bedroom with me. You must be standing just beside the bed, staring down at me. My breath hitches in the back of my throat and my cock swells with desire. I want so desperately to speak, to beg you to fuck me, but I know that speaking out of turn is against your rules. Are you ready for me, you ask. I nod silently in response. God, if only I could reach out and stroke my cock. If only I could give myself just a little bit of pleasure and release. I hear you moving around the room and the sound of your clothes hitting the floor. I’m so excited, so turned on, that my cock is pointed straight up at the ceiling and throbbing wildly.

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