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My Sensuous Valentine

You must on no account listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery or if you suffer from epilepsy. If in doubt speak to your doctor.

Join erotic audio artist Devlin Wylde as he guides you through a truly sensuous audio erotica experience. Explore a romantic, rose-scented evening while imagining the gentle touch of a lover giving you a deeply relaxing massage. Indulge in the intense passion and intimacy that quickly develops and lose yourself in the magical connection made between two people. The best place to listen is lying down on the bed or on a couch at a time when you won't to disturbed. For the next 40 minutes or so you have nothing to worry about, no where to be, no one needs you, its just you and my voice. Now you might hear the sounds inside and outside the room, may the mailman, or passing traffic or even a phone ringing, those are just the sounds of the environment and will only to serve to relax you deeper. If you happen to fall asleep, whilst you are listening to this recording, that's fine, you will just hear my words on a deeper level. For full effect I strongly recommend you listen with headphones on. This way you will absorb all the positive suggestions on a deeper level. Although this story uses hypnotic techniques, you will remain in total control. If you need to awaken, you will awaken feeling fully refreshed and alert. Now you will get the most from this story if you relax deeply, you may want to close your eyes, but that's up to you. Many people who close their eyes suggest a deeper relaxation and more intense experience. Of course you will already know how you can relax deeply and get that feeling of drifting lower and lower, deeper and deeper into relaxation. You may wish to concentrate on your breathing, notice the rise and fall of your chest. To feel your breathe slowly coming in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. And you might notice that with every breath, how relaxing it feels, how all the stresses and worries of the day just seem to drift away, like leaves falling from a tree. Take a nice deep breath now, thats it in all the way in and slowly breathe out.

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