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Seduced by Paris

Join erotic audio artist Devlin Wylde for a whirlwind adventure in Paris. In this story, Kevin and Marie take a spontaneous trip to see if they can find their romantic spark again after allowing the stresses of daily life to come between them. Somewhere along the way, they lost their passion for each other...can reconnecting with each other in the city of love rekindle their romance? Find out in this seductive erotic audio story.

Finally here, the journey to the hotel was complete. To say it had been long was an understatement. Marie and Kevin stumbled out of the cab, a warm, spring shower welcoming them as their suitcases were taken into the hotel reception. Taking a brief look at the sun lazily rising over the skyline, a gentle warmth caressed their faces as they watched a rainbow glisten in the light morning rain. Here at last. Paying the cab driver, they followed quickly, eager to have a shower they had chosen, not one kindly provided by mother nature. Signing in and handing their passports over, it was only, thankfully, a short walk to the old cage elevator. As the elevator moved up the floors, they took the opportunity to try and relax. This holiday had been too long in the waiting. Six years had passed since either of them had a break from work, with their intense schedules that seemed to only be getting worse by the day. Entering their room that looked over the seductive skyline, finally they could feel that they were on holiday. After enjoying the beautiful view for a few short minutes, both took a seat on the edge of the emperor bed, then made the fatal choice to lay back. It was early evening before Kevin awoke. After taking a moment to remember where he was and resisting the normal urge to rush to get to work, he looked beside him. Marie still slept soundly, her chest rising and falling in slow, gentle movements. A faint smile adorned his lips. The last few years had been tough on both of them. Things had gotten in the way of their relationship that were all so unimportant. Every day had become a battle, not against each other, but against everything around them, it really felt at times like the world was against them. He watched her sleeping gently, the soft glow of the evening Parisienne sun caressing her face, reminding him just how beautiful she was in every way. Oh, she'd laugh it off, deny it, contradict every compliment he ever gave. But to him, she truly was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Marie was his love, his life. She was lust, longing, sex, and passion.

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