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Happy Fireworks

In this audio sex story, Christopher guides you through a mindless pleasure session that will melt your daily stresses away. Have you had a long day? Find somewhere comfortable, switch off your mind, and follow the instructions of a deep, soothing, and dominant voice as you bring yourself to the brink of bliss. Relax and revitalize your energy with a sensual self-care session in this romantic masturbation guide.

Make yourself comfortable for me - grab a stuffed animal, or a pillow, anything soft like that - and press your face into it. Snuggle up into it for me. Think of what you enjoy - a really nice, warm meal...sharing a blanket with a lover...beautiful scenery early - and give whatever you’re holding a full-hearted embrace. I want you to have that warm, wholesome feeling. Do you feel more relaxed now? Good. Today is about getting rid of all your worries. Now, I want you to gradually begin to explore your beautiful body. Let your fingers slide across your skin. Take a deep breath in…and out. Let all that stress fall away. It feels so good to open yourself up to me like this, doesn’t it? You’re being such a good girl for me. Let the pleasure flow through your body, letting your fingers do what you know you want to do. There you go...being so obedient for me. Such a good, cute little toy. Kiss my neck with lustful whimpers and whisper into my ear how much you need me. Keep moaning and playing with yourself as you grind against me.

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