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Edge of Silk

Join erotic audio artist Devlin Wylde on a sensual and relaxing journey in this intimate guide to pleasure. Have you had a stressful day? Maybe your work week has been chaotic and you haven't had a chance to connect with yourself. This audio sex masturbation guide can be a pleasurable and refreshing self-care session. Following the instructions of a calm and soothing voice will allow you to explore your own body and mind effortlessly. Getting in touch with your sexuality has never been easier with this romantic masturbation guide.

During this story, it's best to be lying down in a place where you can relax comfortably and ignore the outside world. Please loosen any clothing now as you may feel a desire to enjoy your body further to intensify your experience. Take a moment to make sure you are completely comfortable, shift around if you want to. If at any time during this recording you need to adjust for comfort, then just do so, you will find it won't disturb your pleasure. In fact, it will only serve to heighten it. If you need a few moments then please pause this recording and resume once you are completely ready to go into trance and get the maximum pleasure from this erotic story. It's usually helpful to close your eyes. This relaxing hypnotic arousing experience is not the same as sleep. You will still have awarenesses, you will still be able to hear everything I say and you will not become unconscious. It's like daydreaming...all you need to do is relax and let the sound of my voice wash over you.

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