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Shower Sex

There is nothing quite like an hour at the gym followed by some solo time in the shower with your favorite vibrator. You’re just getting into it when your lover wakes up and stumbles into the bathroom. You quickly shut your vibrator off but it’s too late...they heard you. Nothing to be ashamed of in this audio porn story - things get even better when your lover joins you in the shower...with another toy for you to try.

Oh, god. That was such an intense workout. My body hurts. I probably should have taken it easy with the squats. Tomorrow it’ll be nearly impossible to use the stairs at work. Ah, well. No pain, no gain. Something like that. Ohhh, the water feels so good. It’s always been hard for me to stick to a workout routine, but these last couple of months I’ve finally started to really enjoy weightlifting. Seeing the small changes in my energy and strength levels has kept me motivated to keep going. Not to mention, I’m really starting to love having visible muscles. There really is nothing as relaxing as a steaming hot shower after putting in an hour at the gym. Well, actually, there is something better…a good orgasm after a long, hard workout...that’s definitely better. Good thing I brought my waterproof vibrator into the shower with me… Grant is still asleep. He has had a rough couple of days at work and could use all the rest he can get. No problem - I love a little solo play sometimes, especially in the shower…the hot water…the steamy atmosphere…it’s so fun to just explore my own body...I trail the curved end of my vibrator slowly down my left thigh. Mmm, it feels good on my sore muscles. I slide it… slowly… between my legs. And gently part my outer lips with its suctioning tip. God, yes, that’s the spot…I let it rest against my clit for just a moment…then draw it down through my inner attracted to a lover; be excited about a subject of desire; find amusement in the longing. Oh shit. I didn’t expect him to wake up anytime soon. I’m already so turned on. I really don’t want to stop touching myself right now...

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