The Guy Next Door II Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Secret sex Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Guy Next Door II

In this audio sex story we explore the second chapter between you and Carl, your old crush and guy from next door. This time around the sexy scene unfolds in the present day, in your family’s kitchen. While everyone else sits in the other room , you and Carl sneak away to have secret sex. We used erotic ASMR sound effects to bring this audio sex story to life. Please use headphones.

The doorbell rings, and yanks you painfully away from your horny reverie. You and Carl in the backyard having a secret sexual encounter, while your whole family is just inside the house. You can still feel the tension, the excitement, the sensation, even after all these years.The presence of his tongue exploring you. Carl is the only man who has so skilfully and tenderly made you orgasm using only his mouth. For years you longed for something sensual to take place between you and your sexy guy-next-door. The thing that makes this memory so delicious is the secrecy behind it all. There’s something really hot about pursuing things that are… kind of forbidden. About engaging in activities that you know will form a secret to be shared only between you and the other perpetrator. Your family and Carl’s family have lived side-by-side for as long as I can remember. So if anyone somehow found out that Carl ate your pussy in the backyard here, while the whole family was just inside the house finishing dinner, well...

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