The Guy Next Door I Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Cunnilingus Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Guy Next Door I

In this erotic audio story we explore a romantic sex fantasy between you and Carl, your old flame and guy from next door who you had a very sensual experience with 6 years ago. For the best experience, please use headphones.

It feels so comforting and familiar to be back in your family home after so many years working and studying abroad. Memories and sudden flashbacks are being triggered almost non-stop now that you’re back. As you look around the kitchen, you’re suddenly reminded of some of the more… explicit experiences you’ve had in this room. Your vision is now clearly affected by the soft sheen of arousal. You notice the kitchen table, where you once kissed the pussy of the woman who came to tune your piano. The potato peeler, that you once used to smooth the rough skin of a carrot so that I could masturbate with it. The faded curtains, through which you spied on Carl, as he worked out in his backyard. Hmmm. Carl… You start to get quite horny as you engage with all of these flashbacks. Carl seems to be at the forefront of them all. Every thought about him amplifies your bubbling insides in a new way. You see flickers of his face, his warm brown eyes, his large velvet lips, his football strong arms, his giant, sincere smile. His beautiful face has a home deep in my subconscious. The image that comes to mind, more vividly than any other, is the look in his eyes as he peers up at you from behind your gaping vulva. You lean into the back of the chair in this kitchen of my family home, with no one else around, and let the scene unfold again in your mind. It was thanksgiving, exactly six years ago. And it was a seriously sensual experience. You can see it all—as clear as yesterday.

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