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Erotic Story

Caught Cheating

In this audio audio porn, you catch your boyfriend cheating on you with another woman. You decide to have your revenge by ravaging the other woman in front of his eyes. Indulge in this erotic story about a bi-sexual fling that includes revenge sex and a strap-on dildo.

It's been a long day of work Of pointless administration and paperwork And needless to say I'm looking forward to unwinding A quiet evening in bed A standard night with my boyfriend We were supposed to have dinner tonight But I’m several hours late I’m hoping I can make it up to him With a bit of sexy lingerie I bought on my way home When I arrive at the apartment The front door is strangely unlocked I walk into the open plan kitchen Place my keys in the dish And make myself a gin and tonic When I see a bra and panty set Already on the ground I'm in utter disbelief As my heart thuds against my chest I walk slowly down the hallway To the bedroom door and fling it wide My boyfriend is in bed with another woman Her legs are wrapped around his neck As she moans and groans All pleasure and release She looks up to see the door has opened And there I am with my hands to my chest. She leaps from the bed...

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