May 31, 2022

Masturbation Tips for Vulva-Owners

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Pleasure should be about indulgence. It should be about exploration of your mind and body in ways only you can know yourself. We’ve curated some top-notch masturbation tips for women to help you experience new pleasurable heights during your solo sessions.

Masturbation is actually very healthy for you. Did you know that orgasms help regulate your hormones? Orgasms can also boost your self esteem, your mood, regulate your sleep patterns, and target pain (such as cramps or headaches).

Engage in solo foreplay.

Foreplay isn’t just for partnered sex, you know. Many people can struggle to stay present and focused on themselves during masturbation. Work life, responsibilities, family obligations – these are all things that can pop into your mind mid-pleasure session. An easy way to solve this is to spend more time in your pre-orgasm phase. Give yourself some teasing, some foreplay. We’re totally biased, but one great source of foreplay and world-building to get yourself into the mood is audio porn!

Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Putting to much emphasis on the climax can absolutely ruin everything leading up to it. Try masturbating with no end goal. That’s right – don’t think about climaxing, don’t even let that be the main goal of the session. Just feel yourself, get intimate with your body, and let your mind focus on the sensations.

Engage in mindful masturbation.

One of the best masturbation tips for women that we can give is to masturbate mindfully. Instead of getting lost in a meaningless fantasy, try focusing on the intentions behind your movements. Why does this specific spot feel good? Hone in on that feeling and harness the power of it.

Psst: our mindful masturbation guides are great for this! Check out our top-rated masturbation guides below.

masturbation tips for women audiodesires erotic audio
Body Talk: Lower Body
masturbation tips for women audiodesires erotic audio
Edging for Experts

Get to know your anatomy better.

It is astonishing how many vulva-owners can’t accurately name and locate each region of their genitalia. This isn’t your fault – there has been a serious lack in education when it comes to female anatomy in our culture and society. Spend some time learning about the different parts of your body and how each one can be used to maximize your pleasure.

We have a really great three-part series this, featuring certified sex-educator Gigi Engle. Check it out here!

Add in some temperature changes, because why not?

There are so many cool and fun things you can do while you’re alone in your bedroom. Try adding in some heat or cooling temperatures and see how you like it. From trailing ice cubes along your body all the way down to your clitoris or using sex-toys that are able to change temperature, this can be a serious game-changer.

Get to know the different types of orgasms vulva-owners can have.

Did you know there are actually quite a few different types of climaxes you can achieve? Some of the most common types of orgasms include:

  • A clitoral orgasm is when you achieve climax through stimulating your clitoris with either your hands or a toy. During this orgasm, you can feel a tingly sensation along your skin and throughout your body.
  • A vaginal orgasm happens during penetrative intimacy and this is often a bit of a “deeper” and “bigger” orgasm than a clitoral orgasm – you will feel this in your vaginal walls like a throbbing sensation.
  • Anal orgasms are a bit less common but still incredible. You can use a sex toy to stimulate the deeper regions of your anus. Right before this orgasm, your anal walls contract in a pleasurable way.

You can also experience combined orgasms, where you have one or more of these orgasms at the same time. There is so much potential here for different types of pleasure – all you have to do is explore!

Switch up your masturbation position.

You may feel really tempted to just go with the typical missionary-style masturbation – but you can actually achieve deeper, better orgasms in other positions such as on your hands and knees while pleasing yourself from behind. If you find yourself feeling a bit bored with your current self-love routine, try switching things up!

Don’t be afraid to bust out the lube.

Lube isn’t just for anal sex and partnered pleasure. Using lubrication as an aid in helping you masturbate either vaginally or anally can make things much easier and more pleasurable.

Try different toys.

Toys can be your best friend, here! One of the most under-rated masturbation tips for women is to add in some toys. So many of us do this already, but we often use the same toys and don’t branch out to new ones. We’re missing out on so much! From bullet vibrators to wands to full-sized fucking machines, there are tons of ways to incorporate fun toys into the mix to boost your pleasure in ways your hands just can’t.

Switch up the location, too!

While we’re talking about position changes and new toys, you can also change where you masturbate to add a bit of excitement into the mix. If you have a private terrace or back yard, try sunbathing and getting intimate with yourself out in nature. It’s really hot!

Control your climax.

Edging can be incredibly rewarding and a very educational experience. Edging is the act of literally edging around your orgasm – getting really close, and then pausing or settling the motions back down so you don’t climax. Then, working yourself back up and doing it again. Not only does this make the release so much more intense when it finally does happen, but it’s also a great way to learn orgasm control for yourself.


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