February 02, 2022

Exploring Voice Kinks & Erotic Audio

Erotic audio is sexually explicit audio content. Most of the time, erotic audio stories are narrated stories that include sexual sound effects to provide the listener with a very real sense of arousal.

“Voice kink” is a very broad term that defines what it means to be sexually aroused by a voice. There are a few different specific terms within the voice kink umbrella, the main two being auralism and acousticophilia.

Auralism is to the ears as voyeurism is to the eyes. Being a voyeur means that you enjoy watching other people’s sexual activities. If you enjoy listening to audio erotica with more plot-based sexual action, you’re likely an auralist at heart.

Acousticophilia takes things one step further – it’s not just sexual activities that you want to hear, it’s any kind of sexual stimulus. Acousticophilia is closely associated with ASMR sex sounds such as wet noises, oral sex sounds, and more. If you enjoy more vivid audio erotica stories with ASMR sound effects that simulate real sex acts, you’re likely an acousticophiliac.

Enjoying auditory arousal is incredibly common. In fact, moans and dirty talk are often what make sex so satisfying!

There are many benefits to indulging in erotic audio. Most people enjoy erotic audio stories because they can truly lose themselves in a narrated sex story. Another benefit is that people often find erotic audio stories to be less threatening and easier to digest than mainstream visual porn. Instead of being face to face with crude imagery and often unrealistic sex acts, you can let your imagination fill in the blanks as a sexy story is narrated to you.


The Best Erotic Audio Stories of 2021

Are you curious about what kinds of audio porn stories are popular right now? Take a look at our top 10 audio stories from 2021, voted by you – the listeners!

erotic audio pegging audiodesires

Bend Over, Baby

In this audio porn story, a man and wife engage in some spontaneous pegging play, anal play, and more after they’ve both had a long, stressful day.

erotic audio audiodesires threesome

Game Night II

In this audio porn story, we pick up where we left off with this hot polycule – a woman, her bisexual boyfriend, and their mutual friend engage in another game-night sexcapade.

erotic audio audiodesires happy ending massage

Happy Ending Massage

In this erotic audio story, your monthly massage gets a very happy ending when the mutual attraction you feel with the masseuse leads to some wandering hands and lots of pleasure.

erotic audio audiodesires public hookup

Taken By Surprise

In this audio porn story, a domineering gentleman asks for a “strangers” panties in the middle of a cafe. Instead of being upset, she’s aroused and decides to comply with his request.

erotic audio audiodesires teacher student

Hot for Teacher II

In this audio porn story, the continuation of this sexy professor-student affair leads them to hooking up in an empty lecture hall. Isn’t the thrill of getting caught so much more fun?

erotic audio audiodesires lesbian

Edging You On

In this audio sex story, a lesbian couple engages in an edging session complete and blindfolds and handcuffs.

audiodesires erotic audio

Act of Lust

In this audio sex story, two actors are rehearsing scenes over lunch and the kiss they have been practicing is causing both of them to feel things for each other they can’t deny any longer.

erotic audio audiodesires threesome

Game Night

In this audio porn story, a couple invites their mutual friend over for their weekly game night and things take a heated turn when they start to discuss their love lives. Things heat up quickly between the three friends in this MMF threesome episode.

erotic audio audiodesires bondage

Rope & Relaxation

In this audio porn story, a very stressed-out woman comes home from work to find her loving husband and Dominant partner waiting for her with dinner already made. After dinner comes dessert – and there’s nothing like being bound by ropes and adored in a BDSM play session to end the day right!


erotic audio audiodesires lesbian

A Hot Gift

In this audio porn story, you get your girlfriend a birthday gift that’s fun for both of you – a double-ended dildo! With some time to spare before guests arrive to the party, you decide to test it out together.


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