March 04, 2022

The Benefits of Erotica

It’s time to reap those erotica benefits! Erotica is a broad term to describe any type of content that is used to provoke sexual or intimate feelings. Arousal, desire, lust – you name it. The most common types of erotica are written and audio erotica. As you may have guessed, we’re quite fond of both types!

How is erotica good for you?

While erotic content has gotten a lot of hate over the years, there are actually quite a few studies that prove erotic content can be beneficial for your mental and sexual wellbeing.

You get to know what you like.

Exploring erotica through literature or audio tracks can help you dip your toes into new kinky waters. You can figure out what you like before testing it out in real life.

You get to know what you don’t like.

Just as important as figuring out what you like is figuring out what you don’t like. With erotica, you can imagine what it feels like to experience a lot of different things. It makes it really easy to realize what you’re not interested in trying out.

You become more comfortable with sexual terminology.

ENM stands for ethical non-monogamy. Rimming is the act of anal tongue play. Instead of consulting Google, you can indulge in some steamy erotic stories and learn new sexy things.

You can learn more about your own anatomy.

Did you know that a lot of women don’t really understand their own anatomy? The clitoris, the g-spot, pelvic floor, vulva…there are so many terms to describe so many different things. Mainstream education has let women down in terms of educating them on their own bodies – but erotica can pick up the slack in ways you can’t even imagine. Listening to or reading about a woman pleasuring herself using the proper terminology for her body can help you better understand your own.

You become more comfortable connecting and communicating with your partners.

The more you’re exposed to something, the more natural it becomes for you. It’s human nature. Sex and masturbation have been things that are shamed in society for a long time. Naturally, this can make sexual conversations with potential partners very difficult. Erotica can help you become more comfortable communicating your needs and desires with partners. Erotic content also helps destigmatize a lot of the negative emotions that have left sex shrouded in the shadows for far too long.

Reading is good for you.

Did you know that reading can improve memory, focus, communication skills, and even our ability to empathize with people? Indulging in a good erotic book can not only help you get into the mood and become more comfortable with your sexuality, but it’s also a great brain exercise!

Ethical erotic content promotes safe sex practices.

When searching for erotic content, please be mindful of what you’re spending energy on and sharing with others. Be on the lookout for ethical content that ensures all creators have been treated fairly in the production process. Ethical content will also highlight consent and safe sex practices, which is always something people can learn more about. If you’re interested in learning more about ethical porn, check out this article!


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