June 29, 2022

Help Us Fight For Abortion Rights

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Here at Audiodesires, we believe that reproductive rights are human rights. We support the right to choose. We stand strongly against any actions that restrict access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, for women everywhere.

We believe that sexual wellness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not having the ability to make the choice of when and how to become a mother goes against our core principles. At this time, we believe it’s important to stand up and fight for abortion rights by supporting people who need care and the healthcare workers who provide it. We encourage all of our listeners to support their communities, get involved politically, and make their voices heard.

Due to the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, many people in the United States who live in one of the twenty-six states where abortion will be or has already been banned will now need to travel far distances to obtain an abortion. Due of the influx of people coming from states where abortion is illegal, legal abortion clinics will be subject to delays of weeks or even months for an appointment.

Local and community abortion clinics in states where abortion is banned are now at legal risk of being shut down and criminally prosecuted if they continue to provide care, such as miscarriage management and treatment for ectopic pregnancies. In states such as Texas and Louisiana, “bounty laws” have gone into effect which allows private citizens who disagree with abortion rights to sue women seeking abortions and anyone who assists them.

If you would like to stand up with us, here are tangible actions you can take right now to support bodily autonomy and the right to choose.


If you are able to donate money, we recommend supporting grassroots organizations and practical support organizations that provide direct monetary assistance, transportation, and other logistical support to those in need of an abortion.


If you would like to volunteer, reach out to your local practical support organizations and see how you can provide assistance. You can also contact your local representatives to ensure that they hear your demands for reproductive justice and abortion access in your area.

If you live outside of the United States, your donations and making your voices heard are the best way you can provide support.


Make your voice and opinion on reproductive rights heard. Talk to your family and friends about why safe and legal access to abortion is an important issue. Use these resources to share factual and accurate information about abortions and reproductive healthcare and why these issues are important.

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