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We’re interested in expanding our horizons, starting with our community. We’re introducing a new Community feature on our platform, where erotic audio artists are able to upload their original content to Audiodesires and take advantage of our user-base.

That’s where you come in. The erotic audio community as a whole is very important to us and we want to help you succeed as well as having some great unique, creator-made content on Audiodesires!

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What is the Audiodesires Community?

The Community feature on Audiodesires will showcase episodes created and uploaded by individual erotic audio artists such as yourself. In this area, you will be able to feature original audio episodes of your choosing (there are some basic guidelines we ask you to follow in terms of content that is suitable for our audiences).


Audiodesires will provide you with:


Cover art for your original episode


Access to our vast community of listeners


Revenue share for every premium member that joins with your link


A “featured” and “trending” section, based on ratings and plays, will then be showcased in our newsletter that goes out to all subscribed Audiodesires members.


Featured community creators showcased in our newsletter


The ability to feature links in your creator profile (Twitter, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc.)

How will it work?

Here is a simple outline of how this process could work when implemented:

  1. The content creator sends their original audio to
  2. Our community moderators review the content to ensure it follows our guidelines
  3. If your audio is accepted, we will feature it on our platform under your artist name
  4. Each artist will be given a profile to showcase their links and their work
  5. Each artist will be given an opportunity to join our affiliate program
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What are the guidelines?

The general guidelines of the Community feature are as follows:

  1. The content you upload here cannot appear for free anywhere else.
  2. The content can be available to your fans through paid subscription services (Patreon, OnlyFans, etc)
  3. We will provide you with a sample of each audio to promote on other platforms (Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, etc) with a link to the full story on

I am interested...what now?

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Audiodesires Community on, please send an email to

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Community FAQs

What kind of content is suitable for Audiodesires?

A: Here at Audiodesires, we want to give you as much creative freedom as possible while still maintaining our own content standards. If your episode contains derogatory content, we advise placing a content warning within the episode and reserve the right to promote it with a content warning attached. More information on this can be found in our submission form. Topics that are not acceptable for Audiodesires include:

  1. Incest (including step-siblings, step-parents, etc)
  2. Nonconsensual activities (rape, forced encounters, CNC, etc)
  3. Anything involving a minor. All characters & voice actors must be 18+
  4. Blood (except for in vampire/sci-fi stories where needed) or feces
  5. Anything with defamatory language (racism, sexism, etc)

Is non-erotic content be allowed on Audiodesires (such as girlfriend/boyfriend experience audios, affirmations, etc)?

A: Yes, we will not prescribe our form of storytelling for the community section. Affirmations, guided tracks, partner-experience audios are allowed.

Can my content contain copyrighted characters and/or brands?

A: Due to copyright infringements, we cannot accept episodes where copyrighted brands, names, or characters are used. Please avoid using franchise references such as Twilight or Harry Potter, or brand names such as Fleshlight, etc.

Can my content be posted on other websites (Reddit, VanillaAudio, Cheex, Quinn, YouTube, Pornhub, etc)?

A: Yes, the content you post on Audiodesires can be posted on other platforms as long as they are not available in full for free. Example: Content that appears on Audiodesires can also be uploaded to premium platforms (such as Cheex or VanillaAudio). However, it cannot appear in full on platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, or Pornhub.

You are able to upload samples (up to 50% of the audio) of each story to social platforms (such as Youtube, Reddit, Pornhub)."

Does Audiodesires own the copyrights to my content once I upload it?

A: No, Audiodesires does not own the copyright to your content when you upload to our platform. However, we do reserve six months of usage rights with any content uploaded to our platform. If you’d like your content to be removed after the six-month period, please contact our team.

What kind of files does Audiodesires accept?

A: We prefer broadcast .wav files for all submissions. To ensure your audio is recorded in the best quality, we suggest using mono channel, a sample rate of 48 kHz, and a bit depth of 24-bit (or 32-bit float). We also suggest having at least 20cm of space between your mouth and the microphone and directing your airflow to one side of the mic (on a 15-25 degree off-axis) to avoid unwanted mouth sounds (unless you’re uploading an ASMR episode).

Can I track statistics of my content on Audiodesires (story plays, ratings, etc)?

A: We are currently in the process of creating a dashboard for our content creators that will showcase these statistics. For now, we are already capturing the data in our backend and will make that information available to creators.

How does the Community Affiliate program work?

A: Every community creator will receive a tracking link that should be used whenever any Audiodesires content is referenced (bio links, Reddit, Youtube, etc). When a user clicks that link and proceeds to create an account, that account will be “linked” to you. If the user then subscribes to a premium membership on Audiodesires (within 60 days of signing up for their free account), you will receive a revenue share for that subscription purchase!

If you are interested in licensing content to us instead of taking advantage of our affiliate program, please contact our team to discuss our licensing options.

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