The Yoga Instructor II Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Teacher and Student Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Yoga Instructor II

We hope you enjoy this audio sex story that explores a listner fantasy of taking a flirt with your yoga instructor one step further.This is part 2 of a sexy story with your yoga instructor. Experience with us this sexy teacher and student fantasy. For the best experience, please use headphones.

After your first session with the new yoga teacher, you have scheduled a private lesson with him. The studio is still and heated and the energy of the room shifts as you enter. Wearing only a red sports bra and tiny red shorts - with nothing underneath. You grin at him knowingly with full knowledge of how incredible you look. ‘How are you?’ he asks and you reply ‘I’m good ... But I’ve been incredibly tense all week … I was hoping you could work me harder this time?

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