Yoga Instructor I Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - In public Fantasy
Erotic Story

Yoga Instructor I

This erotic audio story explores a yoga class sex fantasy, flirting with your yoga instructor in public in front of the rest of the class.This is part 1 of a sexy story with your yoga instructor. For the best experience, please use headphones.It’s your first session with this new yoga class. The instructor is talking to regulars as you enter. He immediately notices and approaches you. You immediately feel attracted to him ... This story features erotic ASMR sound effects.

My group of students mingle quietly Before the class begins I’m teaching a late evening My last class of the day The room is candle lit and dim The mood is set For what I hope to be a powerful flow I'm deep in conversation with a regular When you walk in through the door You’re the last to arrive But the first to snatch up My absolute attention You’re new to the class And my photographic memory Has never ever encountered Anyone as beautiful as you You’re dressed in a jungle print Sports bra, the straps criss crossing Against your chest Your leggings stretch over your Shapely thighs and your terribly nice ass And the confidence in your stride is magnetic All eyes are literally on you As you make your way through the small group A smile of greeting on your lips You seem to set your mat Strategically in front of mine I step away from the regular to welcome you Asking if you’ve done yoga before “Just once,” you say “I’m more of a Pilates girl” And your gaze holds my own directly “Take good care of me,” you whisper sultrily.

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