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Erotic Story

That Couple Next Door Pt. I

In this audio porn episode Jay & Kay, a married swinger couple, have a MFM threesome. The hotwife Kay gets to play alone with “The Sexy Artist” initially before her husband Jay comes in to join them. The audio porn story is about the lead-up, the nerves involved, and those sweet moments of torture Jay endures while waiting for over an hour to join in the fun. There even is a voyeur moment as he gets to watch and hear from outside the apartment!

Based on a true story, starring our friends Jay & Kay from the swinger podcast “That Couple Next Door”.

You can listen to the original podcast episode here. We’re in the car on a balmy summer’s night The windows down The warm air blowing through your hair Your favourite song is playing on the radio As you drum your fingers on the dashboard Together with your humming voice soft and sweet And when I turn to look at you In the glow of evening light I can’t help but think how sexy you look After all this time It’s been 19 years since I asked you to be my wife To stand by my side as my partner in crime To be honest, I still find you utterly delicious Your confidence and sassiness The way you tell me what you want and need The way you share your fantasies with me I watch you purse your lips in the rearview mirror As you apply my favorite lipstick, a rose red Sultry and dominant In preparation for our special date We've been turning up the volume on our sex lives After communicating our wants and needs Months of open exploration led us to Playing more with couples and singles When we met him One fateful evening The man we call The Artist On an online dating site for Swingers He told us he traveled the world for work Loved meeting people from all walks of life The first time we encountered him offline We were seated at the window seat of a bar Watching the snowfall on a cold, winter's night When he approached us Like a model from a J Crew catalogue Well dressed, tall and handsome The figure of a Greek God The mind of an intellect Thoroughly engaging, witty and warm He declined any alcohol Drank only water We were enticed And absolutely under his spell He is the man you look forward to seeing The man with the perfect cock And the impeccable manners But as for me He is the sort of man who every man admires Rugged and relaxed A man full of stories and surprise We’ve not seen The Sexy Artist for a while So tonight we've arranged a special little date Although this time, the encounter is slightly different We’ve decided to have you play alone for the first time For you to enjoy him by yourself Before I come to join The three of us together for some fun.

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