Shameless Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Couple Fantasy
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Have a blindfold available for this story. Guided audio sex story for couples. You and your partner will get specific instructions to

Hi there! I’m glad you're here. I hope you’re both excited for this. I'll be your guide and foreplay partner. You will do exactly as I tell you - nothing more and certainly nothing less. Try to commit to it. Above all else, I want to you both to come of your shell today, to own your bodies. But I want you to be patient with each other. All right? If you're not in your bedroom, pause the tape and head on over there.Good. Let's get started. From now on, I'll do all the talking.Stand up.He should begin, approaching her from behind and blindfolding her.Make sure that the blindfold is tight enough. So she can't see. This is important so she can shed her inhibitions and be shameless today. Just for you. Is it on? ... Good. Why don’t you go ahead and start undressing her. Start at the top. Take your time. That’s it, nice and slow, sensual. Let her respond to your touch, but don’t pay any particular attention to touching her. You just want to get her clothes off. You want to get her ready for both your pleasures. Piece by piece. That’s it, totally undressed. Take her hand in yours. Place your other arm around her waist. Now, lead her carefully to the bed. Make sure she doesn't bump into anything. Let her get comfy. She can lie down now. Some pillows behind her back. Help her, make her comfortable and ready for you.

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