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Massage with Benefits

In this audio sex story, you book a massage in a luxurious hotel. The sexy massage quickly turns into a sexual adventure with a stranger. Feminist, respectful audio sex story for women and couples.

This weekend you chose to get away from everything. You found the perfect retreat to relax, a sanctuary to unwind, a place to escape from the busy humdrum of daily life. You booked a deluxe room in one of the world’s most exclusive hotels surrounded by the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. The resort is known for its spa and sauna area. You have booked an appointment for a classic massage and a woman leads you to the right room. The room is bathed in warm light and quiet music plays in the background. In a changing room you can undress, take off your clothes and lie prone on the massage table. The lady covers your hips with a small white towel and leaves you alone. Then I enter the room. You look up at me and I give you a smile. I give you a quick rundown on how the massage will be conducted. I try to make a professional impression, but I find it hard to concentrate. You are a pure seduction as you lie there on the table. The small towel is the only thing that covers your beautiful body. How am I supposed to concentrate on my job if all I can think of is pulling that piece of fabric off of your body. My voice gets all raw and betrays my thoughts as I speak to you: "Is the room temperature comfortable? - Very well, now just relax. Tell me if anything is uncomfortable.” You put your head down and close your eyes. I seize the opportunity to glance at your captivating body, from your pretty face to your waist and your beautiful legs - where I will start the massage. I cover both hands with oil and glide over your skin. From your ankles I slowly work my way up, over your calves, the hollow of your knees, massage your thighs, my fingers loosen every muscle and you relax. I switch to the other leg and start at the ankle again. My hands press gentle circles into your calf muscles. Again over the hollow of your knee, to your thighs. Your skin is soft, and my oily hands circle over it effortlessly.

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