A Hot Gift Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Lesbian Fantasy
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A Hot Gift

In this audio sex story, it's your birthday. And your partner has a special gift for you: a sex toy. In this lesbian sex story, you have loving, passionate sex. Use headphones for the best experience.

In this lesbian sex story, you have loving, passionate sex. Feminist, respectful audio porn sex story for women and couples.^ The house looks fantastic, but then again, it always does when you’re the one doing the decorating. You hang the last balloon and admire the shiny banner spelling out your name in colorful letters. We’ve been inside all day, preparing for you birthday party tonight. We’ve been incredibly busy; cooking, decorating, planning fun party games. It’s getting dark outside, but at least it has finally stopped raining. It’s so hot and damp, a beautiful summer night. We worked so hard that we’ve managed to finish the preparations early. What a relief! I need some alone time with you: the love of my life. The most beautiful girl I know. I trace the soft curve of your breasts with my eyes, through the fabric of your pretty dress. They are gorgeous, and I know precisely what your nipples taste like. I want to lap my tongue over them so badly it hurts. But there is something else I’m even more eager to taste right now. We have time, at long last, and I want you my love. “Oh, no, don’t look at me that way,” you giggle, seeing me ogle you openly. I smile sensually, and you blush. I love it when you get all flustered like that, it’s adorable. “I’m all dressed up already,” you say, wagging a finger at me. “You’ll have enough time to get all primed up again later,” I reply with a wicked and sexy little grin, and you giggle again. You like it when I try to seduce you. Even after all this time, I think it’s crucial to never let the romance die. I’ll continue to tease and entice you for the rest of our lives. “Plus…” I add, cooing softly, and moving closer to you. I cup your cheek, and you smile sweetly at me. I stare deep into your gorgeous eyes, taking in your ravishing beauty for a blissful instant. “I want to give you your gift.”

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