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What is it like to hire a male escort?In this audio audio porn, you book the services of a male escort. To treat yourself after a long workweek. He waits for you outside the fancy hotel, under the dark night sky. Your excitement grows, as you imagine how the night will go. Indulge yourself into this relatable, respectful audio porn.

You booked my time tonight.A treat for after you finish work. I wait outside the hotel, taking in the dark night sky.A million stars shining.I dressed for you; the black slacks and white button up you like so much. You arrive. Walking across the parking lot to meet me. You dazzle me already with that dress, perfectly hugging your body. You look beautiful, with your bright sparkling eyes and silky, soft hair. You ask if we’ll go in soon. We will, I tell you.Making sure you know who is in charge. After, all that’s why you bought my time. To lose control for a change. To derive pleasure from submission. You know I’m good at that. It turns you on. I tell you we are going inside.You smile. You know it has begun. Business men and women scatter the hotel lobby.Walking through them, our secret is charged with excitement. Our eyes lock as we enter the elevator. The sexual tension thick in the air. I could cut the anticipation with a knife. Your beautiful, full lips send a tingle down my spine as my eyes roam your face. I put my hand to your back as we step out, just above your perfect ass and lead you to the room.I can feel your excitement as we turn left out the elevator and walk along the corridor.Your breath is speeding up already, just waiting for me. I gently tug at the fabric of your dress to stop you outside the correct door. Room 201. I pull a small set of keys from my pocket and unlock the door, letting you in ahead of me. In just a moment you take it in.It’s small and quiet but with an air of expense. A good-sized, plush bed dominates the room, just as I will dominate you. Black-out curtains will conceal our triste. And the dim bedsides lamp light you up perfectly.

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