The Babysitter Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Affair Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Babysitter

In this audio porn story, you're the babysitter. The husband returns early without his wife. What ensues is passionate sex and an affair both of you won't forget. Feminist, respectful audio porn for women and couples.

I had to escort my wife to a party. It was some big corporate shindig hosted at her good friend’s home. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, even less so when I saw you, our babysitter, on the floor playing with our daughter right as I was helping my wife with her coat. Your beautiful laugh and gorgeous smile seemed to captivate me. But then my wife squeezed my hand and touched my face and for a moment it was like there was nowhere I'd rather be. On my way home, my hands grip the steering wheel and I stare out the windshield. My mind is racing with images of you and your smile in that stunning outfit. Your waistband was tightly fitted and hugged you. Your top was loose but low-cut. When you bent over to pick up some toys, your breasts almost fell out. And your skirt was so enchantingly short. The shape of your legs enticed me. I wanted to reach out and touch them then, but I couldn’t do that to my wife. She was right there, hovering, anxious to leave for the party. My wife is still there, at the party. I couldn't get you out of my mind, so I feigned a headache and excused myself. I am pulling into the driveway now. Do you see the lights and wonder who it is? Or are you otherwise occupied? Jamie should be asleep by now so you have free time. You just need to check on her every so often. Are you watching television? Or are you on your laptop? I'll find out soon. “Mr C!” you exclaim as I enter through the door without preamble. Why should I knock at my own home? You scramble up off the couch, startled, but then a grin splits your face. “I came home early,” I said. “Jamie was very good,” you say. “She always is,” “What about you?” I ask, teasingly. “Have you been good?” Your eyes search mine. I wonder if I am reading your body language right. You are standing before me, lips slightly parted, eyes dilated. Your nipples are making impressions on the front of your shirt. This is a critical moment; you can either leave as though there is no connection between us, or you can let me to show you the effects you have on me. And you can show me how I make you feel. One of those effects is starting to emerge, tenting the front of my pants as I stand here and smell your perfume. It is almost palpable, this desire building around us.

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